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Meshworks of Things

Metrics details. Loss of cells in the human trabecular meshwork TM has been reported with ageing and in glaucoma. Images were acquired using Leica SP8 confocal microscope. Spearman rank order correlation was used to determine the association between age and the cell counts. These stem cells were also positive for p75 and AnkG. The TMSC content based on the two parameters was The human TMSCs were identified and quantified based on two parameter analysis. The human trabecular meshwork TM is a tiny porous tissue located at the iridocorneal angle of the eye, which serves as the conventional outflow pathway for the drainage of aqueous humor AH. TM is neural crest in origin [ 1 ] and is organized to act as a mechanical pump that regulates the AH outflow to maintain intraocular pressure IOP.

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In contrast to existing 3DCP approaches, which often stack material vertically, the SCRIM approach permits full exploitation of 6-axis robotic control by utilising supportive meshes to define 3D surfaces onto which concrete is selectively deposited at various orientation angles. Also, instead of fully encapsulating the textile in a cementitious matrix using formworks or spraying concrete, SCRIM relies on sparsely depositing concrete to achieve structural, tectonic and aesthetic design goals, minimising material use.

The motivation behind this novel concept is to fully engage the 3D control capabilities of conventional robotics in concrete use, offering an enriched spatial potential extending beyond extruded geometries prevalent in 3DCP, and diversifying the existing spectrum of digital construction approaches. The SCRIM concept is demonstrated through a small-scale proof-of-concept and a larger-scale experiment, described in this paper. Based on the results, we draw a critical review on the limi-tations and potentials of the approach.

Keywords 3d printing 3DCP robotic fabrication. Artistic research No.

SCRIM – Sparse Concrete Reinforcement in Meshworks

Toyota Motor Sales U. On June 17, , the Tenth Circuit handed both good news and bad news to creators of new media works, with the bad news coming first. In Meshworks, Inc. In this case, the Court acknowledged the presumption of validity flowing from the copyright registration awarded by the Copyright Office to Meshworks but proceeded to conduct its own de novo review on copyrightability.

Rural Tel. By original, the work must be both 1 independently created by the author and 2 possess at least a minimal degree of creativity.

Learn about aqueous humor, the trabecular meshwork, Schlemm’s canal, that the posted information reflects the most up-to-date research.

Integrins are a family of heterodimeric transmembrane receptors that mediate adhesion to the extracellular matrix ECM. However, integrins are not just adhesion receptors. Among the activities regulated by integrins are cell adhesion, assembly of the ECM, growth factor signaling, apoptosis, organization of the cytoskeleton, and cytoskeleton-mediated processes such as contraction, endocytosis, and phagocytosis.

Integrins regulate these activities through a complex network of intracellular signaling kinases and adaptor proteins that associate with the transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains of the integrin subunits. In this review, we will discuss how some of the known integrin-mediated activities can control the function of the trabecular meshwork. We will also discuss how integrin activity is a tightly regulated process that involves conformation changes within the heterodimer which are mediated by specific integrin-binding proteins.

T he function of the trabecular meshwork TM is to regulate the outflow of aqueous humor AH from the anterior chamber in order to maintain intraocular pressure IOP. It is generally believed that the major components responsible for the movement of AH are the contractile forces of the TM and the composition of extracellular matrix ECM of the juxtacanalicular canal JCT. One major family of receptors that interact with ECM proteins is the integrins.

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Publication date: , In: ISS Working Paper Series / General Series, Volume p. 1- The world is said to be confronted with complex issues working.

After initial studies on possible site interventions the Kangaroo physics engine was utilized for mesh relaxation based on low-poly input geometry. These models were evaluated and optimized regarding their spatial qualities and performance of material consumption, laser and assembly time. After a short introduction, participants iterated through various segmentation strategies by trial and error in order to develop an understanding how each mesh walking algorithm unfolds on their geometry.

Finally a strategy was chosen based on machine dimensions and material system properties. In a last step the segmentation strip layout was designed, which comprehended labelling, connector flaps and cutout meshgraph center lines. It turned out, that we had to increase the subdivision resolution of our mesh geometry once more in order to meet fabrication requirements due to machine size and material availability. Fab Lab generously sponsored some extra material to realize the intervention in full size and made us spot unicorns with their never ending supply of sweet cookies after 16h of laser cutting at 4 am.

It was no surprise that some workshop participants developed ingenious broom supporting techniques during the collective installation of the final assembly. Reflections An important key insight an installation of this size, material, and weight!

Targeting the Trabecular Meshwork: The Glaucoma Perspective

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Immediate download. Please login to continue. Link to institutional repository. Central to the thesis is a dual theoretical framework. Specifically this includes lngold’s “meshwork of relations” or the unbreakable interconnections between things a: 86 and alternative approach to animism or the life force in everything. Accordingly, the thesis positions photographs as relationally enmeshed objects with material properties, and sensory and affective qualities.

The thesis contributes to scholarly research across museum studies, anthropology and photography in British and New Zealand contexts, including the burgeoning field of photographs in museums. It contends they are taonga with mauri or life force, ancestral presence and encoded knowledge of deep significance to descendant communities.

This deepens understanding beyond visual content and has the potential to impact their management, display and interpretation in British museums. New search Advanced search Search results. Access from EThOS:. Access from Institution:. Dudley, Sandra ; Edwards, Elizabeth.

US20150231180A1 – Trabecular meshwork stem cells – Google Patents

The trademark application has been accepted by the Office has met the minimum filing requirements and has not yet been assigned to an examiner. Good, Services, and Codes. International Codes: 9 U. Codes: ,,,, International Codes: 38 U. Codes: ,, International Codes: 42 U.

Background/Aims: The Trabecular meshwork (TM) is the tissue responsible However, to date it is unknown whether these strikingly arranged.

Brett J. King, Stephen A. Burns, Kaitlyn A. Sapoznik, Ting Luo, Thomas J. Methods : An existing Indiana University adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope was altered by adding a mm button lens to a clinical gonioscopic lens allowing high-resolution imaging of the human iridocorneal angle. First an anatomic model eye was used to refine the imaging technique and then nine participants 7 controls and 2 participants with pigment dispersion syndrome were imaged.

Results : All nine participants were successfully imaged without adverse events. High-resolution imaging of the human TM was achieved allowing for visualization of the TM beams, and presumed endothelial cells. Uveal meshwork beams in controls averaged Differences in appearance of the uveal and corneoscleral meshwork were noted between the two participants with pigment dispersion syndrome and the controls. These included nearly absent spacing between the beams and enlarged endothelial cells with hyperreflective areas.

This may allow for further understanding of age-related changes that occur as well as provide a deeper understanding of medical and surgical alterations for the treatment of glaucoma. Translational Relevance : Further development of this approach may allow for direct measurements at a micometer level in vivo of changes that occur in the human trabecular meshwork with glaucoma and therapeutic interventions.

Glaucoma and the Importance of the Eye’s Drainage System

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SCRIM – Sparse Concrete Reinforcement in Meshworks. Phil Ayres, Wilson da Silva, Paul Publisher, Springer. Publication date, Pages,

Former graphic designer Maral Rapp creates contemporary jewelry from iconic vintage and antique metal mesh purses. Swatches of reclaimed mesh are carved from the bags and presented as small jewels, as artifact, rich with history yet decidedly modern. Detailed with precious metals, the resulting works offer this storied material in a fresh, accessible, and ultimately more personal way. Chipped, torn, tarnished handbags are sourced from antique dealers, estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores — the mesh ranging from antique, heavily worn patinas to newer, bright finishes.

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Identification, quantification and age-related changes of human trabecular meshwork stem cells

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Case opinion for US 10th Circuit MESHWERKS INC v. TOYOTA MOTOR This case pre-dated Feist, and it is unclear whether it remains good law. In Feist, the.

Meshed material; network. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? I found that I was under the orders of a black villain and caught in a meshwork of crime. View in context.

File:Trabectome Removes Damaged Trabecular

Glaucoma is known as progressive neurodegenerative disease with irreversible loss of vision. Next to perimetric visual field defects, morphological alterations of the optic nerve and an increased intraocular pressure IOP occur. Any outflow resistance, with consecutive increase in IOP, can be generated by a decreased pore size or any other alterations of TM, making it more rigid. Oxidative stress, a disbalance of oxidants and antioxidants, is one mechanism, causing an altered extracellular matrix ECM , and seems to play a key role in the pathogenesis of glaucomatous nerve atrophy.

This chapter gives a review about oxidative stress and its pathological alterations in the main outflow pathway—the trabecular meshwork—in glaucoma patients. Glaucoma – Intraocular Pressure and Aqueous Dynamics.

A “MeshWORKS” denotes a specific application of Second Tier thinking within resolution that have appeared to date in our long psychological emergence.

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